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Our 5.1 and ATMOS mix stages are custom-built with the latest technologies and are designed to provide unsurpassed quality in a state-of-the-art environment either remotely or on-site. Our mixers, recordists, editors, and foley artists are award-winning talent with years of experience in every type of media.

We are experts in remote recording, mixing and client previews as well. 


Voice Over – ADR – Group Recording

SouceConnect, Skype & Phone Patch
Large ADR Stage & VO Booths

Multiple Mic choices


Re-Recording & Mixing
Re-recording Mix Stages

M & E Creation and Mixing
Emmy and Academy Award Mixers

Upconvert to 5.1 or Atmos


Sound Design & Editorial

Award-Winning Sound Designers
Dialogue, Sound Effects, Foley, ADR Editorial
Foley Stage and Artists



Music Services
Editing & Supervision
Extensive Music Library
Original Music Composition

Additional Sound Services
Audio Layback Services
Audio Conforming
AAF & Edit List Creation

Demo Reels for Voice Actors


SAP & All Language Services
ADR Script Creation & Timing
Voice Directing & Casting Services

SAG-AFTRA Signatory Services



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